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why and anyway

Logo mit Hintergrund3.jpg


This is all about creating your brand.
Brand identity, analysis, positioning, vision, mission,

strategy, Brand Management, marketing planning,

bla bla bla

REALLY? Is that really necessary?
Do we really need that whole 

business bullshit bingo?

Yep, you need it, and it's brutally important

and almost a bit philosophical:


It's about WHY

and what makes your brand SO GREAT.

We find your why (and anyway) put it in messages, visualize it, and humanizize your brand.

Customers, ouuuuu, they can't resist and 
fall in love (again?) with your brand -

and competitors, OMG,

they feel very very jealous.

what you need:
what you get

            its just so basic


Logo mit Hintergrund.jpg

And what does it look like?
<< exactly like that

Brand board
including logo, fonts, colors,
mood board, brand identity, etc.

      do you NEED?

So, those were the basics.

What's next? Do you need business cards, flyers, brochures, advertisements, etc.? My brand styling can help.


Or wanna showcase more bliss?

Here you go: illustrations

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